Hartland Winery

Small Batch & Handcrafted

I've been the creative director and designer for Hartland Winery since late 2015. What started as a simple logo and branding project turned into websites, packaging, label designs, apparel, environmental design, signage, and more. I play one part designer and one part brand police. I'm in charge of making sure the original branding, aesthetics, and general vibe of the brand remains intact through various usages. Along with this I am also designing and art directing labels with my good buddy Jeremy Mlodik.

The initial branding and idea behind the company was do things differently than other wineries in the area. There is a general "look" to midwestern wineries, we went the other direction. I picked up influences from lifestyle brands that have a general look and feel/ vibe, but the design of their brand is meant to evolve and change overtime. Along with that we wanted to push a family owned message with more of a nod to craftsman ship and hard work, than high class and sophistication. This is in direct relationship to the area surrounding the winery and spirit of the community. Our tagline, Small Batch & Handcrafted, naturally came out of this and serves as the motto and guiding light for all that we do.

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