Chicago Booth Intranet

Intranet Redesign Concept

An intranet concept for Chicago Booth's student, staff and faculty portal. The challenge was to create something that blended with the .edu site, but also felt like a new, unique experience. The homepage should also function as a central hub for important and most used information.

I took the approach of designing everything as modules that could be mixed and matched to build any page as well as customized by the user to serve up only the information that they where interested in. The site was also designed to be fully responsive as we found most users would find a mobile version more useful.

The top section of the site served as the users main dashboard with all the important information set by them. Below that are a series of user defined modules for information such as student events, campus news, various calendars, FAQs, etc. Creating a rich, user focused design with user specific information was extremely key.

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